Shopping Trip

Yesterday I met up with my sister for a shopping trip. As a rule I do my own shopping, the exception is when I shop for clothes. I can tell if something fits and is comfortable but I have no idea what they look like on. As I was specifically looking for work clothes I wanted someone who I could trust to tell me if what I was wearing was work appropriate.

It was a successful trip and I am now kitted out with black pants plus a couple of new tops. They all have my sisters seal of approval, she also read the washing and care labels to make sure they didn’t require specialist care. I want things that are easy to wash and wear.

Wiley was wonderful, patiently going from shop to shop, chilling out in the changing rooms and following my sister wherever she went. He made lots of new friends with just about every shop assistant commenting on how lovely he was. Even better no one tried to pat or talk directly to Wiley.

Some of my equipment for work has begun to arrive. I can check it out when I head into the office tomorrow for a staff meeting.

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