The week that was

It has been a busy week for Wiley and I. We are enjoying some beautiful spring weather and wonderful early morning walks. There are a lot more people out and about, cycling, running or walking. Quite a few people have dogs with them. I have been pleasantly surprised that most of the other dogs owners have asked before letting their dog say hi to Wiley. I really appreciate this as it lets me explain that as Wiley is off duty he would love to say hi. Such positive interactions make our walks even more enjoyable.

I had a meeting in the office yesterday,  it was so nice being included and having the chance to catch up with all the instructors. I am excited as some of my future projects sound very interesting . We are still waiting for my screen reader and some of the other equipment to arrive so I am not fulfilling all the duties of my new role just yet. I did mange to transfer phone calls without hanging up on anyone – phew!

I have purchased a new laptop – I had to order it to make sure it had a compatible system with the one at work. It should arrive next week. I looked into adapting my Mac but was told as it is an older computer without much memory it would probably be best to get a new one.

It has been an expensive week as I also had to buy a new phone as I dropped my old one and the screen smashed. I was very sad to  let it go. The staff at Telstra were great, helping to set up the new phone before I left the store. They loved Wiley who was being a very patient boy, lying down and waiting for me to finish.

Afterwards on our way to the bus stop he got distracted by not one but two different people. He was very keen to say hello. which is most out of character for him. Sometimes I wish I could read his mind to figure out why that person at that time. I reminded him he was working and praised him when he got his mind back on the job. Other than those indescretions he worked well.

It is along weekend here in Canberra. Tomorrow I have plans to go for a bush walk and picnic with a friend and her dog. The rest of the week is taken up with talks and other work related matters – should be fun.

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