First post on my new laptop using JAWS

My new laptop arrived last week, followed by my new software purchased by work under a job access grant. It has been a rather frustrating week as I have attempted to become familiar with a new operating system and JAWS. I am very slowly getting better at using both but I am incredibly slow and still struggling with simple things like web searching and reading and sending emails.

It took me about 30 minutes just to get the point where I could write this post. I have been a bit neglectful of my blog lately but will try to do better as all computer use is great practice while I get used to everything.

Things are going well at work, I have the phone system sorted but as with the laptop I am very slow at using the computer. I have a couple of work trips involving overnight stays coming up which will be fun but hard work. The challenging of working in a new and completely unfamiliar environment is great for Wiley and I as it reinforces our teamwork and tests our skills. I will need to streamline my packing for things I like to take for Wiley, otherwise I will be lugging huge suitcases everywhere.

Wiley loves going to the office, as soon as we get off the bus his tail starts to wag and he quickly trots off to get us to the building as soon as possible. He adores all my colleagues and once I am settled and have taken off his harness and lead he will wander into the next room to say hello to everyone.

Aside from work, laptop set up and practicing JAWS Wiley and I have found time for relaxation. On Saturday I took WIley to my friends house so he could run amok with his Guide Dog pal Jazzy. Once they had some time to play we harnessed them up and went to Belconnen Mall for a cuppa. Both dogs performed perfectly, not at all distracted by each other.

Yesterday we walked around the base of Mount Ainslie with my friend Jean and her lovely dog Haggis. It is about 10km and took us a couple of hours. Both dogs enjoyed all the different sights and smells. Wiley slept for hours once we got home.

This week is another busy one, today and Wednesday I have speaking engagements Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I am scheduled to work in my Client Liaison position. I love how at the moment each week presents an opportunity to learn and experience something new.

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