Our first work trip

Last Thursday and Friday Wiley and I headed off to the coast to assist in a Guide Dog presentation. It was the first time we had travelled for work. We drove down and back with an instructor which made things nice and easy.

I managed to pack a little lighter than our last overnight break, I also remembered to take a towel for Wiley. I am pleased I did as on Thursday afternoon we found an off lead beach so Wiley got to have a lovely run along the sand. He wasn’t too keen on heading into the water so he didn’t get soaking wet but a towel to brush off the wet sand was very useful.

After Wiley’s off lead run the instructor and I found a lovely Italian resteraunt and ordered some takeaway pizza to take back to our room. The owner also gave us a container of bacon as a treat for Wiley which was very sweet. We spent the evening reviewing the power point presentation.

Friday morning I took Wiley for an early morning walk along a long straight cycle path. It was easy to navigate using my cane which meant Wiley could enjoy an off duty walk, sniffing all the different coastal scents.

After breakfast we headed off to the presentation. I think it went well, the audience seemed very receptive and engaged. Towards the end the instructor gave people an opportunity to walk around the room under blindfold with a cane, she then borrowed Wiley so they could also experience walking with a dog. They all commented on how different the two types of travel feel.

Later that afternoon the instructor had a lesson with a client which gave Wiley and I some down town to explore. I was also able to catch up with a friend and their Guide Dog. The two dogs had a meet and greet out of harness, they then worked well together as we headed off to a café for a cuppa.

Wiley was exhausted by the time we got back into the car for the drive home, he slept soundly the whole way home. I was also a little weary but thanks to some great conversation I managed to stay awake.

The whole trip was a wonderful experience. Working with Wiley in an unfamiliar area always reminds me at just how good he is at his job. I need him more when I am not as confident in where we are or where we are going. I am already looking forward to our next trip, especially if it means Wiley can enjoy another off lead beach run!

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