Feeling a wee bit weary

It is starting to feel a lot like summer, today it is expected to get to 35 degrees. At the moment Wiley is flat out asleep on the tiled floor wearing his cooling bandana. Thankfully it isn’t too uncomfortable inside, at least not yet. We had an appointment this morning but didn’t hang around afterwards as I wanted Wiley out of the heat and off the hot pavements ASAP.

Both Wiley and I are feeling a little weary, it isn’t just the heat sapping our energy but rather the result of having lots to do. Since last weeks First Aid course we have.

  • participated in several work meetings relating to upcoming projects and events
  • presented a school talk
  • assisted in a Falls prevention talk
  • enjoyed a lovely dinner event, where I was the guest speaker
  • joined my friend and his guide dog for a coffee and a playdate for the dogs
  • had a catch up with my sister and lunch with my parents
  • started my Christmas shopping
  • run errands
  • attended a technology workshop for VI students where I gave a demonstration with Trekker Breeze, a GPS device but also spoke a bit about working with a Guide Dog
  • and lots of lots of bushwalks

These adventures have taken us the length and breath of Canberra and as far out as Goulburn. Wiley worked incredibly well wherever we went, a lot of the time his job was to lie quietly while I did what I needed to do.  He is very good at guiding but equally good at sleeping!

I don’t think things are going to slow down anytime soon, at least not until closer to Christmas. In the coming weeks I have an interstate trip (Wiley will be going on his first plane -eek!), my nephews 21st birthday, lots of CLO and speaking work and a spattering of social engagements. Bring in on!!

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