It’s starting to get hot around here

Wiley and I have had another interesting week. It started on Monday when we made our way out to Fyshwick for Taxi Training only to be told it has been cancelled until further notice. In some ways it is good news as it temporairly frees up my Mondays so I can focus on various other projects.

Tuesday was our one non work day, we spent it running errands and I finally had some time to catch up on domestic chores.

Wednesday I attended another fall prevention talk plus an interagency meeting. It was great to hear what other vision impaired/blind organisation offer in the way of services.

Thursday was an office day, working with my much better half, the other Jo, on a long term project. We got a good start figuring out priorities and a timeline for what we want to achieve and when we want to achieve it by. Wiley loved Thursday as there were a couple of people in the office, plus some deliveries so he had lots of pats. I have worked out that my first job when I arrive is to check out all the bins and put any with tempting rubbish on a bench out of Wiley’s reach. Some things you learn from experience!

Friday we headed back to the office, this time I worked with our regional manager on another project. It was quieter in the office so Wiley spent most of the time snoozing. He was still tired by the time we got home as we had to catch lots of buses and it was a warm day. I put his cooling bandana on which helped to keep him comfortable, it wasn’t quite hot enough for his cooling jacket. I also took a mat with me to prevent him from having to lie down on warm or hot concrete. I have a feeling it is going to be a long summer. I expect Wiley will be needing all his sumer gear including his boots.

Because it’s so hot we have been leaving for our morning walk before 5:30AM. We can get a two hour bush walk before it gets uncomfortable.

The weekend was a social one, with birthday brunches, walks with friends and their dogs and my nephews family gathering for his 21st – where have the last 20 odd years gone?

On my mind at this moment is our big adventure next week. Wiley and I will be flying together for the first time. I am pretty confident everything will be fine but I am feeling a little nervous. I have all the paperwork and other equipment needed to board a flight set aside, it would be awful to forget something important. Wish us luck!

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