Positive Interactions

Most days that I head out and about with Wiley I have at least one positive interaction with a member of the public. Although I enjoy these interactions I am not always as mindful as I could be about the kindness of others. Last Sunday I decided to make a conscious effort to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate every lovely experience I had with a stranger.

I am not sure if it was because it was a Sunday so people had more time or simply because I was attentive to the people around me but I notched up over 15 positive encounters in less than 5 hours. They included:

  • A lovely conversation with a visitor to Canberra whilst waiting at the bus stop
  • Another delightful conversation with an elderly bus passenger, we talked a lot about the dogs she has loved during her lifetime.
  • A very interesting chat with a gentlemen who was sitting on the other end of a seat that Wiley found for me. One of his relatives is vision impaired so we talked about way’s he can support his extended family.
  • A helpful waitress and waiter at the cafe I went to with my friend
  • 2 different conversations with fellow dog owners when Wiley and I were taking a time out at Glebe Park
  • Some very kind comments about Wiley from someone when I was waiting to meet another friend at the bus interchange
  • A very cute encounter with a parent and their child during Wiley’s toilet break
  • Two people being very receptive to learning the best way to give directions to someone who can’t see where they are pointing.
  • A lovely shop assistant who went out of their way to help me locate an ATM
  • Some very helpful fellow shoppers who took time out to assist myself and my friend in finding what we wanted in Big W.
  • A cafe full of delightful staff who helped us to find a table that would be comfortable for our guide dogs, as well as providing us with table service instead of having to go to the counter to place an order. They also offered us water for our dogs which was very thoughtful of them.
  • At least two offers of assistance while I was waiting for my parents to pick me up.

I felt pretty good Sunday night as I revisited all the lovely experiences I had in just one short day.

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