Christmas has come early

Wiley and I are currently enjoying the Christmas present I bought us a couple of weeks ago – two new ceiling fans. One is in the bedroom the other is near the computer in the lounge. The bedroom one has a remote so I can turn it off and on without leaving the bed – bliss!! I hope this will make the predicted hot summer a little more comfortable.

My little unit was completely taken over by the four guys who came to install them. They had tools absolutely everywhere so I decided the safest thing was to leave them to it. Wiley and I wandered around to our friends place, I had a cuppa and chat and Wiley played tug of war with his friend Haggis.

Once the guys were close to finishing they gave me a call and we wandered back home. I was given some very clear directions on how to operate the fans and the new configuration of my switches. As I never turn my lights on and off I am still not great at locating exactly where my switches are, but I am getting better.

Wiley has been a very good dog all year so Santa Paws will be dropping by with a few more gifts. I happen to know he will be getting a new kong (an extreme black one), two new nylabones, a chew guard chicken toy, a huge bag of dried roo treats, a leather martingale collar (which unfortunately won’t get here before Christmas) and a kong soft toy. I know he will like his gifts but what he will enjoy the most is tearing up the wrapping paper.

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