End of year Achilles walk

Sunday was the last Canberra Achilles training session of the year. It was a perfect morning for walking and running. We had a wonderful turnout including three rather lovely black Labrador Guide Dogs.

Some people choose to run or jog but Wiley and I thought a walk would be lovely, especially as we had my friend and his lovely Guide Dog Jazzy for company. We also had a couple of sighted members walk with us. As we were using our long canes we didn’t need to be guided but it was very helpful having someone alert us when there were dogs, cyclists, runners or other walkers coming towards us or from behind.

It was a great walk where conversation flowed making the 5 odd kilometers pass very quickly.

Once everyone got back to our start point, Peter gave a speech about the clubs achievements during the year – our members are a talented bunch with lots of people participating in various running events including park runs.

After the speech most people headed off to share breakfast but I had a pre arranged play date for Jazzy and Wiley. They had a ball running around Jazzy’s garden and playing tug of war with her toys. Listening to the two of them zoom around fills my heart with joy and puts a huge smile on my face. Like most young labs they act like fools when they play, yet put them in harness and they are both awesome guide dogs that work incredibly well together.

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