Our Christmas and Boxing Day

Christmas Day started early with a 6:00AM walk with my friend Jean and her beautiful dog Haggis. It was the perfect way to kick off Christmas Day.  After our walk we exchanged presents – I love my walking sandals and Wiley adored his selection of doggy treats. I had been collecting things I thought Jean would like throughout the year so she ended up having a number of gifts  to open.

After the walk was Wiley’s present time,  his new kong was a hit (especially when I filled it with mince) and he has already started to chew one of his new nylabones. To illustrate just how much Wiley loves his nylabones here is a photo of his old one next to his new one.

Nylabones old and new

Nylabones old and new

After showering I got dressed up in my Christmas finest and headed off to my sisters place for a delicious brunch. Then it was back to my parents where I spent time with them and the little munchkin.

Wiley and I stayed the night at mum and dads, that way I was on site to help mum with all the preparations for our family Boxing Day Christmas dinner. My sister and all my nieces and nephews came over for a traditional Turkey roast (cous cous patties for myself and my fellow vegetarian niece). Along with making the patties I whipped up a batch of blinis and an eton mess for desert. Everything tasted lovely even if I do say so myself.

We also had our family gift exchange, I must have been very good this year as I was spoilt with lots of thoughtful, practical and delicious presents. The dogs also did very well with new toys and treats.

It has been a wonderful couple of days with lots of yummy food, special once yearly treats, thoughtful gifts but best of all lots and lots of quality time with my wonderful family, friends and Wiley. I am one very lucky lady.

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