Listening to emails

Yesterday I took Wiley for a walk around Yerrabi Ponds, it was very quiet with hardly any other walkers, runners or cyclists. I think most of Canberra is holidaying down the coast. It took us a couple of hours, my plan was to tire Wiley out so he’d snooze while I spent most of the day listening to the computer.

Just before the office closed down for Christmas the IT department finally got JAWS working with the server, better still I can access it on my work laptop. That means I can check my emails from home.

When I first logged on I was dismayed to find out I had over 300 emails. They had been sitting there from when I started the job several months ago. It took hours and hours to listen to them all, either deleting them or moving them to a folder. I replied to some but most didn’t need any action on my part.

Checking emails and configuring my inbox is step one. Step two is to become more familiar with the different drives and where I can find various programs etc. It has actually worked out well. As I am on leave I have time to explore without the pressure of getting much done.

Wiley was a very good boy, letting me do my work but also encouraging me to take regular breaks. I took time out to play with, cuddle and walk him.

This morning we were back walking on the mountain, I enjoy going different places with Wley but my favourite place is on our familiar trails, surrounded by the smells and sound of the Australian bush.

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