Revisiting my 2014 Goals

At the beginning of last year I made three goals of things I’d like to achieve during 2014. Here is a review of how I went in achieving them.

Goal 1 – Run a Half Marathon Event

Well this didn’t exactly go according to plan. The longest distance I ran was about 19km, then my knee and Achilles started to give me grief. There wasn’t time to recover before the half marathon I planned to run so my training was put on hold.

I noticed the regular long runs meant I wasn’t enjoying my recreational walks with Wiley. I decided that running an event wasn’t as high a priority as the time I spend with Wiley so I now only run on my treadmill.

My current fitness regime includes a cardio workout on either the treadmill or rower, yoga, some weight work for my arms plus lots and lots of hilly bushwalking with the beautiful Wiley. I am happy with my current fitness level and feel that what I currently do balances my physical, emotional and mental health needs.

Goal 2 – Take a trip interstate 

This goal was semi accomplished – I didn’t go away for a holiday but made several interstate trips for work. I was really happy with the way Wiley and I worked together in unfamiliar environments, particularly on our last trip to Sydney. I am more confident going places I don’t know as the combination of talking GPS and Wiley means I trust where I am, where I need to go and that I can get there safely.

I am a lot more open to interstate travel now then I was 12 months ago.

Goal 3 – Be proactive in meeting new people – possibly even go on a date – if I’m asked 🙂

I’d give myself a 6 out of 10 for this one. I accepted almost every invitation I was given and had some lovely times with great people. I wasn’t so good at going out of my way to make new connections and most certainly didn’t go on any dates. I could have done better and hopefully will improve on this goal in 2015.

So overall not too good but not so bad. I am currently working on my 2015 goals and am already looking forward to what next year holds.

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