2014 the year that was

I have already recapped my 2014 goals, so in this post I thought I’d recall a couple of the year’s highlights.

The biggest surprise of the year for me was starting work as a Client Liaison Officer with the Guide Dogs ACT office. It was a great opportunity that unexpectedly turned up mid year. The extra work has helped my financial security and self esteem but the best thing is getting to meet and work with some exceptional people.

My new job was also the reason I had a number of interstate trips in the latter half of the year. Working in strange places was great for strengthening the trust Wiley and I have in each other. I am now very confident the two of us can go anywhere and travel independently and safely.

Taking Wiley to the beach for the first time is one of my favourite 2014 memories. Listening to him zoom up and down the off leash beach, trying not to fall over the sticks he dropped at my feet and generally taking in the sound and smells of the beach was fantastic.

Another highlight was making contact with Wiley’s puppy raisers. I loved hearing a little about Wiley as a puppy and telling them all about the exciting things we get up to.

I enjoyed all of my speaking engagements and helping out with media opportunities around International Guide Dog day. Sharing stories about my life with Wiley and the terrific work that Guide Dogs NSW/ACT do is a privilege and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to promote an organization that I deeply admire and respect.

For both Wiley and I meeting my friends new guide dog and having regular play dates has been a lot of fun. I also enjoy going out and about with them, the two dogs work so beautifully together.

Even though I didn’t get to run my half marathon I did like the training and pushing my body beyond what it had done previously. It might not be something I want to continue with but it was a fun challenge.

Working with Wiley is a highlight of my life each and every day. This year our relationship has strengthened to the point where we have an almost physic connection. He knows what I’m thinking and I can tell what he wants or needs before he has to ask. I couldn’t ask for a better dog to work and live with – I am incredibly blessed and I tell Wiley he is the light of my life every morning when he wakes me up.

During 2014 I shared many wonderful walks and talks with fabulous people. I am blessed to have a life filled with family and friends.

Overall I have had a very good year, I’m excited to see what surprises and challenges 2015 will bring.

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