Making good use of our fans

It is hot today, not as hot as some other states but still warm enough to be uncomfortable if we spend too long outside. Canberra is fortunate as it cools down most nights so early morning walks are still enjoyable but by 7:30AM there is some bite to the sun.

I am keeping our wee walks reasonably short and making sure Wiley stays on the grass verge so he doesn’t walk on hot pavements. So far this summer he hasn’t needed to wear his booties or cooling gear but that might change when we head back to work and we are traveling more during the day.

Balancing the well-being and comfort of my dog with work commitments is a challenge and it’s why summer is my least favourite season. At least the office is air-conditioned and I have made sure all our summer talks will be inside – no standing out in the sun for us.

Another tactic to survive summer is to get a lift from my wonderful parents or use taxis on hot days so we get door to door transport. It is much quicker than catching buses. For example I can get to the office in Deakin in around 20 minutes in a car, whereas it takes almost an hour and half on the bus.

Wiley and I are loving our new fans. I have put Wiley’s bed under the one in the lounge. Lying there with a frozen kong makes him a very happy boy.  The fan in the bedroom is even better – it means we can get to sleep before the cool change comes through. I am not nearly as sleep deprived as I was last year.

At least we are already 1/3 of the way through summer, only two months to go!

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