Clearing away the cobwebs

The title of this post is literal not figurative so if you’re an arachnophobe look away now!

It isn’t a secret that I like my morning bush walks, in summer we often leave before sunrise around 5AM. It is such a gorgeous time of day, even with my limited vision I can tell the difference between dawn, sunrise and early morning.

More often than not I am the first person to walk along the track, consequently I am the one who walks through the myriad of cobwebs that the busy spiders have been working on during the night.

Most webs aren’t that big and all I end up with are a few strings of sticky web covering my face, arms or legs. It is a little creepy and I do my best to wipe them off but generally I can still feel them until I get home and jump into the shower.

This morning was a little different. I walked right into the middle of a big web that covered most of my chin and chest. It was awful, despite trying to get it off for what seem like ages I couldn’t escape the feeling I was encased in it. I also kept having the sensation a spider was crawling on me. I am sure it was my imagination but that didn’t stop me from doing a funny little dance with lots of foot stomping, spins, waving of my arms and repeated brushing down of my chest and back.

I am sure Wiley thought I had lost my mind. He stopped and looked at me for a while before he got bored of my antics and started to sniff a nearby bush or tree. Obviously the web had been spun at my height because as far as I could tell he didn’t have any web or spiders on him.


I am sure sighted people walk into the fine webs but I have no doubt they could have avoided the one I walked into this morning. Oh well, in the scheme of things it is a small price to pay for having the opportunity and ability to get out into the bush and enjoy all nature has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Clearing away the cobwebs

    • Thanks 🙂 As I passed the same spot this morning I waved my long cane around just to make sure the cobweb hadn’t been rebuilt.

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