Bon-voyage brunch

This morning Wiley and I headed out to ‘Cherryripe’ at Watson shops to join my family for brunch. It was to wish my niece and sister bon-voyage as they will soon be heading overseas for study and a holiday.

It was very exciting listening to all their plans – want they want to do in Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence and London. As well as traversing Europe they will get to meet up with some family members while they are in England. That last bit made me a little jealous as I’d love to catch up with everyone.

Unfortunately i don’t have the funds to plan an overseas trip just yet, I also wouldn’t want to take Wiley on a long plane ride to the other side of the world. Oh well one day!

As I harnessed up Wiley for the trip to the cafe I realised it has been almost a week since he has done any guiding work. That made me smile as I know I have enjoyed my holiday and I am sure he has also appreciated a decent break.

It is incredibly humid today, we had a storm roll through and I think there might be another one on the way. Unfortunately it hasn’t really cooled things off. I am already counting down the days until autumn.

Wiley is off to the vet tomorrow. It is time for his six monthly check-up and his annual kennel cough vaccination. He seems pretty healthy and happy to me but it is always reassuring to get a professionals opinion.

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