Wiley’s vet visit

Great news, Wiley is in tip top health. The vet checked his weight, heart, ears, eyes, temperature, and joints. She said he was in excellent health, an ideal weight and has a beautiful shinny coat. He was 26 kilos (in harness) which is similar to his weight six months ago.

He had his kernel cough vaccination which was given up the nose, he didn’t seem to like it but was very well behaved. He did enjoy the treat the vet gave him afterwards. She also trimmed his dew claws for me, they weren’t overly long but as I find trimming them a bit tricky I ask the vet to do it whenever we go in for a check up.

It is always a relief leaving the vet knowing everything is OK. It is also reassuring being told to keep doing exactly what I have been as it obviosly works for Wiley.

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