January Plans

I have just had a look at what’s in my calendar for the next month. For some reason I thought it would be a quiet start to the year, instead I realised that there is quite a lot happening.

There are a number of meetings and staff training commitments at work. I am particularly looking forward to attending a workshop on public speaking and learning more about the different GPS applications.

I’ll spend a little extra time in the office as Jo and I have a couple of projects we are working on. As usual the awesome Jo is doing the lions share of the work but I hope I can be of some assistance.

There are a couple of talks scheduled. The first is a training session for new Bus drivers. I am looking forward to catching up with the trainers, I’m also keen to hear if any decision has been made about the proposed new policy of allowing animals on ACTION buses

Mid month I have an appointment to do a talk for a school holiday program. Wiley will love this one as I am sure there will be plenty of children wanting to say hi and give him a pat (once I have taken his harness off!). It is a great opportunity to reinforce the ‘please don’t pat a working guide dog message’. When  I have ventured out recently there have been lots of children wanting to pat Wiley. I’m not surprised as it happens every school holidays. I am heartened that just about everybody asks, it gives me a chance to hand out one of Wiley’s cards and explain why they shouldn’t distract him. Even better is when children or parents tell others not to pat a guide dog – I love that the message is getting out into the general public.

Apart from some early morning walks there aren’t too many social catch ups organised. This is normal for January as it is a little hot to be heading out all the time.

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