First day back in the office

Yesterday was our first day back at the office. Wiley was very excited, as soon as I said ‘find the office’ his tail started to wag, the pull on the harness increased a little and we headed off at a sprightly trot.

As soon as we arrived I took his harness off and he ran around saying hello to everyone. This was great as it gave me a chance to fill up his water bowl and check the bins to make sure there wasn’t anything to tempt him.

My colleagues came and went during the day so there was always someone new for Wiley to greet, I think the highlight for him though was when Jo’s family dropped in for a quick visit, he got lots of pats and attention from her beautiful boys.

Like Wiley I enjoyed catching up with everyone. There was even a present waiting for me. The lovely Jo gave me a beautiful silver bracelet with an infinity symbol. It matches the silver necklace I wear with Khan’s paw print. I’ve always wanted an infinity symbol as it reminds of the infinite bond I have for each and every one of the dogs that have shared my life.

It was good to get back into a work frame of mind. Jo has made great progress on one of our bigger projects, how she gets so much done in a short period of time amazes me. The main reason I went in yesterday was to go to an NDIS meeting. More and more people in Canberra are becoming eligible to participate in the scheme although my age group won’t be phased in until Jan next year.

This year is already shaping up to be a challenging and interesting one.

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