Walking in the rain

We have had a lovely reprieve from hot summer weather over the last couple of days. The weekend was an extremely wet one which was great for the garden but hampered our bush walking activities.

Wiley and I still went walking but we stayed on proper paths as the bush tracks tend to get very slippery when they are muddy and wet. I think Wiley actually quite liked the more suburban walks as there were new smells and as they say a change is as good as a holiday.

Things had dried up enough for us to chance a walk on Monday morning, we went out with Jean and Haggis so at least if either one of us took a tumble there was someone around to help. The sounds of frogs reverberated around us, I love the sounds of frogs doing their thing – I took a quick audio recording so I could share the froggy goodness but somehow managed to delete the file when I tried to transfer it to my computer.

Much to Wiley’s delight yesterday was another office day, we all went out to lunch which was a nice social way to start the year.

This morning we tackled one of our more energetic walks, it incorporates heartbreak Hill which gets us both panting by the time we reach the top. I had a day at home so Wiley has enjoyed a day off, he has spent most of it sound asleep on his bed – lucky boy!

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