Public Speaking Workshop

Yesterday I completed the practical module of the Guide Dogs Speakers program. One of the lovely Marketing and Communications staff travelled down from Sydney to deliver the workshop. It was compulsory for me as part of the Guide Dog Speaker program but several of my Canberra based colleague joined in as they also do talks and presentations.

It was an incredibly entertaining, engaging and enjoyable few hours. We went through a number of different things including content, delivery and communication strategies. What made it even better was the chocolates the instructor very kindly bought for us – reward based training is so effective!!

I picked up a couple of very useful tips, including the power of using ‘you’, the magic of three, re-engaing the audience every 8 minutes and how to use statistics effectively. I think implementing these techniques will work well for my talks and presentations. I’ll get to put the tips into action tomorrow at my bus talk.

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