Bus talk and doggy massage

Yesterday Wiley and I went out to give the first bus talk of 2015. I hadn’t done one for a couple of months so it was great getting back into the groove. It was a reasonably small class, with friendly students. At the end of the class Wiley got to have a lovely play and cuddle with one of his favourite trainers.

Things got even better for Wiley today as he enjoyed his first doggy massage. A friend is doing a canine massage course and needs some willing subjects before she starts her own business. Massage for dogs has the same benefits as it does for people -it relaxes,   improves circulation, can identify sore spots, remove lactic acid, reduce stress and from the way Wiley got into I’d say if feels pretty good too!

She said Wiley was in great condition, his back legs were a little tight so next session she is going to work on releasing the tension a little more. We had a chat about the stairs and she thought that might be contributing to his tense back leg muscles. It seems my plan to sell and relocate to a single story house is a good one.

Wiley’s hips, shoulders and neck were all loose and she said she could tell he was well hydrated as his skin was very flexible. He has been sleeping very soundly since she left, that might also be because we had a nice long walk this morning.

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