Home appraisal

It has been a hectic couple of days. Sunday was my youngest nephews 18th birthday so we dropped into my sister’s place. I am not sure why him turning 18 makes me feel old but it does. Sunday was also a big cleaning day. I decided to get a real estate agent in to value my property so I wanted it to be spotless for their appraisal.

Yesterday was even busier. It started with a talk to a wonderful groups of young students in a school holiday program. They were very attentive when I was talking, asked lots of thoughtful questions and were very respectful when they came up at the end of the talk to pat Wiley.

Next up was a couple of hours of filming. I think Wiley likes being in front of a camera. He is on a very frequent reward schedule as what we are doing can be repetitive so I need to keep him motivated.

After we got home from filming I called our Regional manager to discuss the project I have been working on. I finished up with the phone call and had 15 minutes to take Wiley for a wee walk and get changed before heading out the door to dinner with the delightful Jo and her equally lovely husband.

We went to a cafe at the Gungahlin town centre, the food was delicious and the portions were huge. Best of all was the company, lots of talking and laughing – a perfect evening. It was a big day, both Wiley and I slept very well last night.

Today started with our favourite bush walk with our favourite walking pals. Then Wiley got to chill out while I did some more housework as I had an appointment with an agent at 10:30. It is a buyers market in Canberra at the moment, not so good if you want to sell but very good when it comes time to buy. I now have an idea of what I can expect my current place to sell for which means I can do some sums and figure out what else I could buy. I’m not looking forward to moving but I am looking forward to Wiley having a wee garden to play in and no stairs to worry about.

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