Broken bedroom fan

After a week or so respite from the summer heat it has started to warm up again. I had my lounge room fan on most of the afternoon.

At bedtime I was rather smugly thinking what a comfortable night I would have with my bedroom fan on. I hit the button on the remote and nothing happened. Odd, I thought – perhaps there was an issue with the remote so I change the batteries – still nothing. At times like this my vision loss becomes a great source of frustration. I think ‘if only I could see what is wrong”. In the absence of being able to do too much myself I called my wonderful friend and neighbour Jean who kindly came over to see if she could figure out what might be wrong. It turned out having vision was not going to fix anything – despite flicking various switches the fan and light were still broken.

I sent a message to the electrician who installed them. I’d hoped I would have received a reply this morning but as it is a long weekend I doubt I will hear from them until next week. It ended up being a long, hot and uncomfortable night.

In more positive news I am making good progress in getting my place ready to put on the market. I have found the documentation the agent wanted, cleaned out every cupboard, de-clutered and removed family photos and personal items.

During the week I sent a local doggy rescue group an email letting them know I had various items to donate including toys, collars, leads, a range of dog coats (I used them as cria coats for the baby alpacas and llamas when I was on the farm), a pet carrier and box of old towels.

I also gave them a box of dog books. I had a rather large collection that I’d built up when I could still read print. I used to love to read anything and everything relating to dog training, behaviour and psychology. Even though they are of no longer of any use to me it was still difficult for me to let them go. For some reason I felt a part of my identity was tied up with the titles on my bookshelf. The impending move was the final push I needed to find them a better home where they could be read and appreciated.

A lovely lady came to pick everything up this morning. There is still lots to do but one step at a time seems to working well so far.

2 thoughts on “Broken bedroom fan

  1. I am hoping to bring my moving timeline forward a little. All going well and assuming the electrician gets back to me about fixing the fan I will be ready to put my property on the market in about 6-8 weeks!!

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