Australia Day 2015

Happy belated Australia Day. Wiley and I had a reasonably relaxing long weekend. We decide to celebrate by spending as much time as possible enjoying the beautiful Australian bush as possible. We have walked many miles in the last three days – here is a photo of a kangaroo we met on one of the walks – you can’t get much more Australian than that!!

Kangaroo on Mount Majura

Kangaroo on Mount Majura

Unfortunately I am yet to hear back from the electrician about fixing my bedroom  fan. At least it has cooled down a littlest I haven’t really needed a fan to help me sleep at night.

I have come across another thing that will need to be fixed before listing my place for sale. On Monday my Brother In Law came to collect some boxes he had been storing in my garage. He noticed there was a mark on the ceiling indicating a leak. It was directly below the kitchen sink so it was a safe bet that was where the issue was.

Fortunately my BIL is a plumber, he had a look and found a very slight leak in the dishwasher connection which he tightened and fixed. Once the ceiling is sanded and painted everything will be as good as new – most importantly the issues has been completely resolved and won’t reoccur.

Preparing a property for sale is much more stressful that I remember – I am more determined than ever to make sure this next move will be a long term one! To help keep my motivation up I remind myself how much Wiley will enjoy having a garden to play in.

I think Wiley’s favourite part of the weekend was going to visit some friends who have recently moved to the other side of town. They have a gorgeous little boy who adores Wiley and the feeling seems to be mutual. The two of them had a wonderful time playing and cuddling.

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