A new collar for Wiley

Last year I purchased a new working collar for Wiley, along with a new cooling collar. There was an issue with unavailable items so I only received the order this week. Wiley’s new collar is a martingale, it is like a normal collar but has a chain which can tighten the collar without putting any pressure on the dogs throat (unlike check chains).

The standard collar issued by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is a fabric martingale. I wanted one with a chain as the sound and feel gives me a better idea when Wiley is turning his head. That helps us work more smoothly together and I can reinforce and reward Wiley for not looking around for food.

The lovely local Guide Dog instructor lent me a martingale with a chain so I trialled it before I invested in one myself. Here are some photos of the collar on and off Wiley.

Wiley's brown leather collar

Wiley’s brown leather collar

Wiley's new brown leather working collar

Wiley’s new brown leather working collar

Wiley modelling his new working collar

Wiley modelling his new working collar

Wiley wearing his new collar

Wiley wearing his new collar

We are not using the collar at the moment as I need to buy a new tag to fit it. I don’t want Wiley to head out the door without proper identification. I have ordered his new tag and hope it will be here sometime in the next few days.

Last week was a busy one, with two days at the office plus some extra time spent on work projects at home. In between work commitments I continued with my selling preparations. I have engaged a real estate agent, spoke to a photographer, cleaned out the garage and kept adding to my list of things that need to be done before it is listed for sale. I also heard from the electrician, they are sorting out the warranty details then will come over to fix my fan.

Wiley seems unfazed by all the cleaning and sorting, as long as his bed(s), toy box, nylabones, kong and food ball are around he is happy.

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