Change is in the Air

The theme of the week just gone is ‘change is in the air’

Selling Update

I am making good progress getting my place ready to sell. Sometimes I get anxious when I think of Wiley and I living somewhere new and unfamiliar but then I remind myself of how much he will enjoy some outside space and the confidence in my decision returns.

This week my wonderful BIL has made great progress fixing the ceiling in the garage. My lovely parents have bought me some new blinds for the kitchen and bathroom and more items have left my garage with hopefully more leaving this afternoon. I have moved the rower from my bedroom down into the garage and re-arranged the bedroom furniture. I have also tidied up the outside of the house.

On my list of things still to do is – install the blinds, get the fan fixed, move the treadmill into the garage, have the carpets cleaned and borrow a sofa for my lounge area (at the moment the treadmill is where most people would have a sofa).

Once all that is done I can sign contracts with the real estate agent, engage a solicitor, get all the required inspections and paperwork sorted and have someone come and take photos for the sales listing. It sounds like a lot to accomplish in a few weeks but I am hopeful my lovely little home will be on the market sometime in March.

Work Update

If I thought life was changing at home it is nothing compared to the speed with changes at work. At the end of  last year our Regional Manager resigned, then early January one of the Orientation and Mobility instructors was offered their dream job so they have also left. That leaves two positions that need filling.

For me however the biggest change is that my better half Jo is also onto new adventures. I know the decision to go was a hard one for her but it is most certainly the best thing for herself and her lovely family. Of course I fell to the ground and sobbed when I heard the news, – ok that didn’t actually happen but it is what I felt like doing!

Life without Jo in the office will be a little less rosy with fewer cathartic belly laughs, not to mention her efficiency and general awesomeness will be missed at work. It also means that my position needs to be reviewed.

Job sharing has worked well but with staff vacancies, a more extensive roll out of NDIS and other operational considerations I believe the ACT office would be better served with a full time Client Liaison Officer. A full time role would prevent me from fulfilling my responsibilities as a PR speaker so it isn’t something I would consider, consequently my future in the office is uncertain. I do know that change is inevitable and although it is scary it can also lead to new and unexpected opportunities.

Wiley of course is oblivious to everything that is happening around him, he lives and enjoys each day for what it is without worrying about what will happen tomorrow, next week, month or year.

To illustrate just how unfazed by work changes Wiley is, here is a photo of him happily sleeping under the desk while I work.

Wiley asleep under my desk at work

Wiley asleep under my desk at work

I am trying, perhaps a little unsuccessfully, to emulate his relaxed attitude. At least I am comforted with the knowledge regardless of what lies ahead each day will start and end cuddling Wiley and whatever happens he will be by my side.

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