Lighting Talk and office work

It has been an interesting and productive week. Monday in particular was a very long day.

Wiley and I walked into the office a little before 10AM . We had a meeting to attend plus I wanted to start doing a handover with Jo as she leaves next week. I enjoyed my day at work as there was lots to do so the time passed quickly. Whenever there were a few minutes to spare I worked on the finishing touches to a speech I had to give that evening.

A little after 5PM, Karyn, our Acting Regional Manager and I hit the road. We were due at the Australian National University around 5:30 to give a talk to lighting engineers, architects, landscapers and other urban designers about the importance of good lighting design for people who are vision impaired.

Traffic was a little congested so we were a few minutes late. I get anxious when I am running behind schedule and as I hadn’t had time to prepare the talk as much as I wanted I was nervous about the evening ahead.

I was also daunted at the thought of giving a talk to professionals. The theme of my presentation was how light affects the functional vision of people who are vision impaired.   I explained that light can be both my best friend and worst enemy.  Glare can totally blind me, I frequently have to close my eyes and occasionally need to cover them to stop bright light from reaching them. In the most favourable conditions light enables me to make out vague shapes thanks to contrast between objects.

I think the talk went well, I was stumped by some of the questions which were quite technical but thankfully Karyn was there to answer the tricky ones. After my talk there was a very interesting presentation by a professor who knew everything about how eyes work,  lighting design and industry standards.

It was an enjoyable, interesting but late evening – we didn’t get home until 9PM. Wiley and I were wiped out and pretty much headed straight to bed.

Wiley handled the extra long day really well, I took his dinner and bowl into work so he ate before we went to the talk. He also got lots of opportunity for wee walks and as he had a long walk Monday morning he was content to sleep most of the day.

Tuesday was a much needed rest day, Wednesday was focused on house preparations.

First off was a shopping excursion. With my parents help I bought a new blind and doona cover. I let my mum choose the colours as she is much better at interior design than I am. My ever practical and helpful Dad fitted the new blind on my kitchen window.

All I need now is to take the treadmill downstairs and bring up a sofa and I will be able to get someone in to take photos. Things are progressing well.

Yesterday was another work day. The plan was to spend more time with Jo, unfortunately she wasn’t well so Wiley and I ended up manning the office. It was a very quiet day so I worked on some public education initiatives for cycling groups, shopping centres and dog clubs.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Wiley has another massage booked in and I have plans to catch up with friends.

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