Contracts have been signed

It is all systems go, on Friday I signed a contract with the Real Estate agent, engaged my solicitor and had an EER inspection done. Assuming there are no hiccups getting contracts drawn up my place should be on the market mid March.

At the moment I am equally excited and apprehensive. I am not looking forward to keeping the house in a show ready state, especially as it means putting away Wiely’s toys, dog beds and water bowl every time I leave just in case someone want to comes through for a look. I hope it sells reasonably quickly so I can start the search for our new home.

Last week was my busiest week at work to date. I was in the office Monday to Thursday. There is lots happening at the moment which is great as the day flies by. I can safely say Wiley’s best day was Thursday. We hosted a farewell for our regional manager who left late last year. Lots of people turned up along with six or so dogs, including Wiley’s friend Morgan the service dog. I think he enjoyed having some canine pals around the office, he and all the other dogs were very well behaved.

I realised today that summer is officially over as today is the first day of autumn. I am looking forward to the crisp mornings and cooler days.

I don’t have quite so much scheduled next week, it will be nice to have a chance to run a few errands in town.

2 thoughts on “Contracts have been signed

  1. Very exciting, are you still looking at houses outside of Canberra? I really hope you find the perfect home. The kids love looking at the pictures of Wiley. I think if we lived nearer they would be round at your place all the time! I hope Uncle Brian is feeling better, please give everyone hugs and kisses from us. Xxx

    • Hi Sue, I am still thinking about properties around Goulburn and Yass, as I can get a bigger block and house than I could afford in Canberra. Until my place is sold I won’t know exactly how much I have to spend on a new property.

      Dad is doing well, I wish he would take things a little easier but he doesn’t listen to me. Now I know photos of Wiley are popular I will make sure I include more on the blog, there will be one in my next post just for them. Love and hugs to you and all the family xxxxx

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