An unwell Wiley

It has been a difficult week as my beautiful boy has been quite unwell.

It started last Sunday, We had just come back from spending the weekend at Mum and Dad’s looking after their wee dog.  My friend was driving us home and she commented that Wiley seemed much quieter than usual. We had gone for a 10Km walk around Yerrabi Ponds earlier that  day so I thought he was just tired – I was wrong!

About an hour after we got home Wiley started to whine and ran to the top of the stairs, I quickly put a lead on him and took him outside. He ran to the closest bush area and went to the toilet. It was obvious he had gastro. From then on we were heading out, or rather rushing outside every hour or two.

He had had an upset stomach before so I did my usual treatment of withholding food. He continued to need to go out every few hours during the night. I had to sleep fully clothed – well I didn’t really get any sleep as I was too worried about missing Wiley’s signal he needed to go out.

The next morning he was quieter than normal but not going to the toilet as often. We headed off to the office and everyone noticed he was off colour. Because he was so flat I made an appointment to see the vet early Tuesday morning. He had an upset tummy before but never seemed unwell. My biggest comfort was that he was still wanting to eat.

By the time we visited the vet on Tuesday he was much happier, I had reintroduce food (boiled rice and chicken) into his diet. I thought he was on the mend but figured it couldn’t hurt to have the vet give him the once over. She said he seemed ok, gut sounds were normal, as was his temperature. She suspected he had eaten something he shouldn’t whilst foraging around mum and dads garden. She gave him a rectal exam and said just to keep up with his bland rice and chicken diet and keep an eye on him. We left the surgery and headed off to work again.

Fortunately My Dad was very kindly driving me everywhere I needed to go so I didn’t have to use public transport or go anywhere in public with Wiley. I also didn’t want him to work when he wasn’t feeling well, so I went back to using my cane.

Things started to go downhill  once I got back from work Tuesday afternoon. Wiley was still keen to eat but was back to being very lithargic and he was going to the toilet even more frequently than  before. Tuesday night I got absolutely no sleep.

I called the vet Wednesday morning and we headed back in. This time they took some blood for tests and gave me some medication. His temperature etc was still normal, the vet said he was still clinically presenting as a dog who had eaten something he shouldn’t but the blood tests would rule out other causes.

As well as giving him the medication I had to keep up with the chicken and rice diet. It took about another six or so hours but he finally started to show signs he was feeling better. He was interest in his toys and wanted to play.Previously all he wanted to do was sleep.

By Thursday morning he was obviously improving. He had gone nearly all night without needing to go out – thank goodness as I was beginning to become very sleep-deprived. The vet called after lunch on Thursday to say his blood test results were normal, they were still waiting for the pancreas test results.

We had another good night last night, and he is pretty much back to his normal self. He was even able to do a little work today.

I hate it when Wiley is sick or unhappy in any way. I wish I could take all his pain and discomfort away.  He was very sweet when he was sick, he wanted to stay very close to me, it was nice to think that perhaps being close gave him some comfort.

So all in all it has been a long and stressful week – I am just so thankful for my wonderful and supportive parents, friends and colleagues. I would have been lost without them.

(I will do a catch up post on other things we have been doing over the weekend)

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