We’re Back!

After a very long break Wiley and I are back and we have news!

Our little unit is sold – contracts have exchanged and all going to plan I will be moving out early next month. I will stay with mum and dad for a few weeks until I buy a new place – with a garden for Wiley:)

At the moment I am surrounded by boxes. I want to pack up all the small stuff and get a removal company to do the big items. I stick an audio label on each box as I close it up. That tells me the content of the box and where it needs to go. Everything will go into storage until I am ready to move into our new home.

I went house hunting with mum and dad on the weekend, there are a couple of good prospects that tick most of my boxes – it is exciting looking for a new home. I took Wiley with me but left him outside with mum or dad while I went into peoples home. I used my cane and got the agent or my parents to explain the layout of the home. I felt this was respectful of the home owners who may not want a dog in their property.

In other news I had a period of working almost full time while we were between a temp and full-time Client Liaison Officer. It was exhausting, especially as I had to fit in my speaker engagements as well. Thankfully things have quietened down now our new full time CLO has started. I hope to take on other work for Client Services but am waiting to find out the details.

I have had some lovely talks and walks over the last couple of months, it has been a nice respite from the stress of selling and the thought of moving.

Now we are back I will do my best to keep things updated. One of the main reasons for my silence was a superstition that if I wrote about it then the sale of my place might not go through – not sure why I thought that but I felt more comfortable keeping things private.

It is time for a late morning walk with Wiley, we had a quick stroll this morning but had to keep it short as I had an early meeting with a removalist for a quote. Now we can hit the trails for a proper walk.

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