House Hunting and other exciting news

House Hunting and Moving

It has been a busy week here. With settlement on my current place quickly approaching Wiley and I really need a new home. I have finally made a decision on where I want to live so at least I can focus my attention in a specific area.

I had a second viewing of one property that I really liked and made an offer but it wasn’t accepted so the search is ongoing.

I have set up email alerts so whenever a property in the area i want at the price I can afford comes onto the market I know about it. It looks like Wiley and I will be staying with mum and dad a little longer than expected.

It has been a productive week with a removalist and carpet cleaner booked and other moving tasks ticked off the to do list. I feel like things are little more under control this week than last week.


It was a week of meetings. One was for a project I am working on – things are falling into place nicely and all going well I can share details about it next week. I am quite excited about this specific project as it is something I have wanted to do for quite a while.

I also had a meeting regarding a new role at Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. I love the sound of the position being discussed and really hope it comes to fruition. In preparation for my potential new role I signed up for my first webinar – it was a very interesting listen. When I get a copy of the presentation I will use my screen reader to go through the PowerPoint presentation.

Talks and walks

A very quiet week on the talk front, just the regular taxi one. Next week is a little busier with a morning tea function that I looking forward to.

Our regular mountain walk were disrupted by three days of heavy rain. We need the rain but it made the bush tracks very slippery so Wiley and I walked around the neighbourhood instead. It seemed like we both spent three days constantly damp.

At least  training Wiley to shake on command came in handy.  We walked up to the bus stop where a few people were sheltering undercover.  Wiley guided me somewhere to wait out of the rain but as soon as we stopped I knew he would want to shake himself dry. I figured people wouldn’t appreciate my dog shaking water all over them so I told him to wait. We then stepped outside of the shelter and I gave him the command to ‘shake’ which he did instantly. He then guided me back out of the rain. One of the passengers thanked me which I thought was very nice. While we waited for the bus I took out the towel I carry around with me and gave Wiely a through rub down – at least he was reasonably dry and comfortable on the bus trip to work.

A pending trip

I confirmed during the week I am going to attend the Blind Citizens Australia Conference in Perth in October. That will be quite a trip and long plane ride for Wiley and I. Lots of planning to do to make sure things go smoothly.

Time to keep packing and cleaning.

2 thoughts on “House Hunting and other exciting news

  1. We were in Perth in April this year for a wedding, The train system is brilliant , if you turn right out of Hay Street onto Barrick Street towards Westpac you will come price a few rows of tactile that lead to the road edge nut nothing else.

    • Thank you so much for the information, that is the sort of thing that is hard to find without first hand knowledge. Great to hear the train system is good – I hope to do a little exploring while I am there.

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