The countdown to the move is on!

It has been a rather stressful week, not because of anything in particular but I feel like time is getting away from me and I still have lots to do. I honestly thought I didn’t own much stuff but there are boxes and boxes of my possessions stacked in the garage and I still have a few more thing to pack before my removal next week. Wiley doesn’t seem too perturbed  that everything is disappearing around him although he is sticking to me like glue so I am sure he knows something is up.


The highlight of last week was being a guest speaker at a Planned Giving event hosted at the Federal Golf Course last Thursday. It was such a lovely morning, I met lots of truly wonderful and generous people. I also had the privilege of hearing a speaker from Guide Dogs Australia talk about several policy areas the organisation is focusing on. The include NDIS, Age Care reform, Early Intervention and Employment – all very important issues that affect people who are blind or vision impaired.

I spoke about my experiences in the workforce highlighting that limitations placed on me by other people (outside of Guide Dogs)  tends to be the biggest barriers I face in the workplace.

After morning tea we were invited to take a walk around the golf course, it was a perfect day for walking and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. For visitors that didn’t want to walk golf carts were provided. The Federal golf course were incredibly welcoming and helped to make the event really enjoyable.

Wiley had a lovely time as he got to catch up with his pal Andy the ambassador dog and another working Guide Dog. All the dogs were very well behaved. He also got to enjoy the gold course walk to of harness – he loved all the new delicious scents.

House Hunting

I have made an offer on a second property, I should know by Monday one way or another. If my offer is accepted. Fingers crossed. what I really like about this place is the location. It is close to everything I need including shops and a river where I can walk Wiley. It also has good access which will make it easier for Wiley and I to get around. Mum and dad have told me it needs quite a bit of cosmetic work but that isn’t all that important to me.

Work – a new role and new project


During the week I started work on one of my new roles – i have been asked to be the ACT volunteer co-ordinator. I am very excited about this opportunity. I admire and respect volunteers and feel privileged that I will be able to work alongside them. With their assistance I hope to be able to expand the offices ability to promote the Guide Dog brand in the ACT and increase awareness about all the services (not just guide dogs) that the organisation offers. Ideally we could also do some fundraising and public education – lots of possibilities that I am keen to explore.

I managed to recruit a couple of wonderful people at the event on Thursday so I am off to a good start. Now I can’t wait until our first event.

I also sent out information to clients about a project I have been working on over the the last couple of weeks. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT are offering a free Personal Safety course for women who are blind or vision impaired. It will include information of how to assess for threats as well as how to react to threats and physical altercations. I can’t wait to attend. Although I have never really felt threaded I am aware that as a Vision Impaired women I could be perceived as an easy target or victim and my ability to assess my environment is  limited as I am unable to perform a visual assessment of what is around me.


These have been my savour this week. A long daily walk with Wiley has helped me walk out the stress and anxiety I am feeling about the impending move as well as give me time to plan each day. I also mentally wrote my talk during a walk – I tend to do my best thinking when I am moving.

If everything goes to plan my next blog entry will be after my move and with any luck will include details about our new home!


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