Wiley and I have a new home

What a week – packing, moving, cleaning, working, house buying, dog sitting and just enough frosty morning walks to keep me sane.

House Sale and move

I had the week planned to the nth degree, packing, uplift, cleaning, carpet cleaning, pre settlement inspections and settlement all need to be done within four days. There ended up being a slight delay and a little hitch but by Friday afternoon my place and the keys were officially in the hands of its new owner.

I was a little sad when I shut the door on my little unit for the last time. It is the only home Wiley and I have known and its location next door to Mount Majura was fantastic. It was tiny but that made cleaning and upkeep easy and affordable. Still our next place will have more room for Wiley to play, not to mention a garden where he can do zoomies whenever he wants.

Wiley coped well although when all the furniture was being taken out on Tuesday I could tell he was anxious. We ended up leaving the removalists to it and took a last walk on the mountain – it was good for both of us.

Wiley and I are currently staying with my parents, it is nice to be able to take a bit of a breather before we jump into the process of buying a new home.

House Buying

My first offer on the house in the great location wasn’t accepted. After two more  inspections and some negotiations on what work the seller would and wouldn’t finish we came to an agreement and my second offer was accepted.

I am incredibly excited, the house, although needing work has a lovely warm feeling, the location is perfect and the garden ideal. I will start the formal process of buying early next week.

Now comes the exciting part of choosing flooring, paint colours etc. At the moment I am researching the best flooring for dogs, I want something that is easy to clean but also not slippery so Wiley won’t go sliding all over the place.

Once we have moved and settled in I plan on getting some happy hens to lay fresh eggs. I love chickens, I had lots on the farm and they all had their own little personality. I think Wiley will enjoy having some feathered friends.

It is going to be another busy week – I want to focus on work and researching dog friendly renovations.



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