NDIS Information Session

Today Wiley and I walked up to the Yass Soldiers Club to listen to an NDIS Information Session. The NDIS is due to start rolling out across NSW in July this year. The ACT has been a trial site and will have full roll out by the end of June. As I moved from ACT to NSW I am now part of the NSW roll out.

Things are going to be different in NSW, the biggest change is the role of Local Area Co-ordination centres (LAC). They will assist people to access the NDIS with the application and plan preparation. Once someone has been accepted as a participant of the NDIS the LAC will assist with the implementation their plan.

The NDIS will be available in Southern NSW from July. People who are currently receiving NSW disability services will transition first. Uniting will be providing the Local Area Co-ordintation support.

The main question I wanted answered was when people like myself who do not currently receive disability supports are likely to be able to apply. On the NDIS website it states people who currently do not receive supports can access the scheme from July 2018, although there is scope for some people to join the scheme from July 2016.

I was informed that at the moment there is no direction on how earlier access will be determined, that information will hopefully be available on the NDIS website sometime later this month.  I am very fortunate as all my current support needs are covered. My plan for the moment is to  wait and access the NDIS in July 2018. That way people who have a more urgent need for support can go first.

I was a little disappointed that despite advising my requirement for accessible information when I registered for the session no accessible information was available. I was offered a printed agenda which was of no use to me. I hope the presenters read out all the information included on the slides but I am not 100% sure as I didn’t have a copy to refer to. At least there was an opportunity to ask questions.

Wiley was very well behaved, sleeping the whole time as usual. It wasn’t exactly hard work getting to and from the venue as like most things it was only a few minutes walk from home. It was nice to get out of the house for a while and have the opportunity to meet other Yass residents, everyone is always so friendly.

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