Sydney Trip

In one of my more recent posts I mentioned that Wiley and I had been off travelling again. We went to Sydney for a couple of days for work. I had a fantastic time, met and worked with some great people and had fun exploring the area we were staying in.

When I get to my destination I always need to know a couple of things

  • Where I can take Wiley to go to the toliet
  • Where there is a bin where I can dispose of the results of a toliet run
  • The closest cafe or place to get something to eat and drink

Once these things are sorted I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that our basic needs can be met.

I was fortunate that there was a lovely cafe close to where I was staying, we made frequent use of it during our three day stay. The staff were all so warm and helpful, welcoming but not making a fuss of Wiley. They also had some great vegetarian menu options so I was able to try a couple of different dishes.

On this particular trip I realised I had forgotten to bring some lunch time carrots for Wiley. Luckily there was a supermarket close to our cafe so armed with directions Wiley and I went off on an adventure.

We found our way to the veggie section but I asked a fellow customer for some assistance in actually locating the carrots. They thought it was rather odd I was buying them for the dog but once they saw how keen Wiley was in them they understood that yes carrot is a treat. (He is a lab afterall!)

I couldn’t help but pick up some chocolate for myself while we were there. Wiley is pretty good at locating the confectionary aisle and on this occassion got it on his second attempt. I used my nifty Digit Eye’s App to make sure I purchased my favourite brand and type and we happily made our way to the checkout.

It was then an easy task of retracing our steps back to the cafe and then to our room. I had such a feeling of achievement when we safely arrived back at our room. Wiley was happy because he got to eat his carrot!

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