Australian National Museum Training

The morning after Wiley and I returned from Sydney we had to be up bright and early to meet up with a colleague as we were scheduled to deliver some training to the wonderful staff at the Australian National Museum.

This was easier said then done as we were still recovering from our late finish the night before thanks to a delayed flight.

We actually had three training sessions booked, two on the Thursday and one on Good Friday. I was looking forward to visiting the museum as they have some wonderful exhibits, some of which are quite tactile. Our job was to talk to the gallery staff on how they can assist and ensure visitors who are blind or vision impaired get the most out of the wonderful museum.

I had conduct similar training a few years earlier. On that occasion when we practiced skills in the galleries I had been guided into a huge tractor bucket – big enough for me to stand up in. I was keen to repeat the process this time around. Our second group were kind enough to assist me and so for the second time I clambered my way in.

I won’t go on about it anymore as Guide Dogs have an article about it on their website which describes the training better than I can. I will say it was a fun filled and very enjoyable couple of days and I can’t wait to return as a visitor to experience even more of what the museum has to offer.

Link to article: Australian National Museum Training

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