The fortnight that was

Firstly I am pleased to report Wiley is back to his normal happy, fun loving and playful self. I am so relieved. I didn’t realise how incredibly stressed I was until he was well on the road to recovery. I have started to reintroduce his normal food so fingers crossed his digestive system copes.

Here is a little summary of what else has been happening in the last couple of weeks.


Wiley and I had a lovely Easter break. We spent some quality time with my family, heading over to my sisters for some delicious food, great company and scrumptious dark chocolate. Wiley loved his Easter toy and treats. I often wonder what Wiley thinks of these special occasions, he certainly seems to enjoy them as much as the rest of the family.

Our walk and talk catch ups with friends were lovely, plus it was good to walk off some of the dark chocolate.  Overall we had a great few days

House Sale

The agent has had an Open House every weekend for the last four weekends. Each time we have had at least a couple of people come through for a look but so far no offers. I am getting quicker at getting the place ready for inspections. This week we might have a mid week evening open house as well as a Saturday one. The agent is confident my place will sell but said it might take a while.


The big news is that the Taxi talks are back on again. I will be going in whenever they have a class, which is most weeks. The content has been tweaked a little. I had a great meeting with one of my lovely colleague from Community Education in Sydney. We worked through new power point presentations for both the Bus and taxi talks. It was great having her support and assistance.

I also had a bus talk on Friday, the new presentation seemed to go down well. There are a couple of interesting talks and events coming up that I am looking forward to.

Dog Sitting

Last weekend Wiley and I had an enjoyable couple of days staying at my parents. (Well until Wiley ate something he shouldn’t have and became ill) Wiley and the wee dog seem to getting on better than they used to. It is funny when they try to play together as the size difference makes things rather awkward. Tug of war is especially one sided so I join in to help the wee one out.

I took advantage of having some extra space and gave Wiley a bath, not sure he enjoyed it but he was a good boy and let me do what I needed to without making a fuss.

Today Wiley and I enjoyed a lovely morning walk, he is now crashed out while I catch up on some bill paying and other admin tasks. This afternoon we have a lunch date then I think it will be a quiet afternoon before another busy week next week.

Here is a picture of Wiley and the wee dog taken last weekend.

Wiley and a wee friend

Wiley and a wee friend

An unwell Wiley

It has been a difficult week as my beautiful boy has been quite unwell.

It started last Sunday, We had just come back from spending the weekend at Mum and Dad’s looking after their wee dog.  My friend was driving us home and she commented that Wiley seemed much quieter than usual. We had gone for a 10Km walk around Yerrabi Ponds earlier that  day so I thought he was just tired – I was wrong!

About an hour after we got home Wiley started to whine and ran to the top of the stairs, I quickly put a lead on him and took him outside. He ran to the closest bush area and went to the toilet. It was obvious he had gastro. From then on we were heading out, or rather rushing outside every hour or two.

He had had an upset stomach before so I did my usual treatment of withholding food. He continued to need to go out every few hours during the night. I had to sleep fully clothed – well I didn’t really get any sleep as I was too worried about missing Wiley’s signal he needed to go out.

The next morning he was quieter than normal but not going to the toilet as often. We headed off to the office and everyone noticed he was off colour. Because he was so flat I made an appointment to see the vet early Tuesday morning. He had an upset tummy before but never seemed unwell. My biggest comfort was that he was still wanting to eat.

By the time we visited the vet on Tuesday he was much happier, I had reintroduce food (boiled rice and chicken) into his diet. I thought he was on the mend but figured it couldn’t hurt to have the vet give him the once over. She said he seemed ok, gut sounds were normal, as was his temperature. She suspected he had eaten something he shouldn’t whilst foraging around mum and dads garden. She gave him a rectal exam and said just to keep up with his bland rice and chicken diet and keep an eye on him. We left the surgery and headed off to work again.

Fortunately My Dad was very kindly driving me everywhere I needed to go so I didn’t have to use public transport or go anywhere in public with Wiley. I also didn’t want him to work when he wasn’t feeling well, so I went back to using my cane.

Things started to go downhill  once I got back from work Tuesday afternoon. Wiley was still keen to eat but was back to being very lithargic and he was going to the toilet even more frequently than  before. Tuesday night I got absolutely no sleep.

I called the vet Wednesday morning and we headed back in. This time they took some blood for tests and gave me some medication. His temperature etc was still normal, the vet said he was still clinically presenting as a dog who had eaten something he shouldn’t but the blood tests would rule out other causes.

As well as giving him the medication I had to keep up with the chicken and rice diet. It took about another six or so hours but he finally started to show signs he was feeling better. He was interest in his toys and wanted to play.Previously all he wanted to do was sleep.

By Thursday morning he was obviously improving. He had gone nearly all night without needing to go out – thank goodness as I was beginning to become very sleep-deprived. The vet called after lunch on Thursday to say his blood test results were normal, they were still waiting for the pancreas test results.

We had another good night last night, and he is pretty much back to his normal self. He was even able to do a little work today.

I hate it when Wiley is sick or unhappy in any way. I wish I could take all his pain and discomfort away.  He was very sweet when he was sick, he wanted to stay very close to me, it was nice to think that perhaps being close gave him some comfort.

So all in all it has been a long and stressful week – I am just so thankful for my wonderful and supportive parents, friends and colleagues. I would have been lost without them.

(I will do a catch up post on other things we have been doing over the weekend)

My still neglected blog and our first open house

I can’t believe another couple of weeks have passed since I updated the blog. Time is flying by – the big news since the last entry is my place is finally on the market!


I had a lovely talk at an after school care program on Monday. They were very well behaved and attentive, especially considering they had been at school all day. There were lots of great questions including one that I hadn’t been asked before – How would I feel if I got my eyesight back? I really wasn’t sure how to answer.

CLO work

Last week was a huge work week, it included – some filming for a Guide Dog project, a trip to Gundaghai, two pre-school talks, two days in the office, an interagency meeting and staff meeting. No wonder this poor blog isn’t being updated, Wiley and I were exhausted by the end of the week.

My CLO role is probably going to be winding up soon. The position needs to be full-time which I can’t do as I have my speaking role to consider. I am hoping another part time opportunity will open up for me but at the moment I am just taking things day by day.

House sale

Saturday after a long walk with Wiley I spent a couple of hours cleaning my little home from top to bottom in preparation for the first open house. Wiley and I needed to vacate while people were walking through. To fill in the time we took a slow stroll – Wiley loved it as he stopped and sniffed every bush and tree. It was a nice way to fill the hour or so. I hope whoever lives here after me appreciates the beautiful mountain as much as I do. I am really going to miss walking there when we move

On the whole it was a successful start to the marketing with five people coming through. Unfortunately no offers have been forthcoming but it was nice to know people were interested enough to come and have a look. There is another open house scheduled over the Easter long weekend. Fingers crossed more people are interested enough to have a look through.

Weekend happenings

It’s Easter – a great time to catch up with my gorgeous family, not to mention the perfect excuse to eat some chocolate. Wiley has a bag of roo tendons and a new toy as his Easter treats.

Walking catch ups. We have not one but two walking dates lined up with friends and their dogs. Wiley will love having doggy companions to walk with. The exercise will also be good to help offset any chocolate consumption!

Playing with my GoPro camera. I am going to dedicate some of the weekend to play with my GoPro camera. I want to work out the best way to capture Wiley at work.

Massage for Wiley. Hopefully Wiley will enjoy a massage sometime over the weekend.

Open House. More cleaning – fingers crossed there will be an update with a I’ve sold my house’’ post very soon J

Just because he is adorable – here is a photo of my boy taken on one of our car trips last week.

Wiley in the car

Wiley in the car

Poor neglected blog

The last few weeks have flown by, I checked my blog and couldn’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I wrote something. Here is a little summary of what has been happening.


Only a couple of talks in the last fortnight, a lesson for new Bus Drivers and a lovely girl guide group. The driver talk went a little over time as I had lots of questions and a very engaged class. The girl guide talk was so much fun – I spoke for a while then asked for questions which came thick and fast. I finished up both talks by taking Wiley out of harness and letting him enjoy a pat.


I am still doing extra hours as Jo’s position has not yet been advertised. There is a great temp holding down a few days and I cover the rest. Most days it is simply a matter of answering phones and doing basic admin tasks. I particularly enjoy chatting to clients.

The highlight in the past couple of weeks was a seminar the office hosted on Tuesday. It was presented by Karen Wolffe and focused on assisting children with vision loss. She emphasised the importance of teaching social skills, having high expectations and the importance of work. Even though it focused on children I got  a lot out of it.


Oh how I love autumn, our walks have been spectacular. We leave when it is dark and for the first hour or so we have the whole area to ourselves. Once it starts to lighten up more people hit the trails so Wiley still gets to say hello to other people and dogs. Walking through the sunrise, dawn chorus and bouncing roos is the best way to start the day.

My friend’s ankle is getting better so I am not walking her dog anymore, I kind of miss taking the big fella out fro a stroll. She isn’t up to going for long walks so for the moment instead of going on a walk together the boys have been having play dates.

Selling the house

This is what has been taking up most of my time. I have scrubbed, polished, cleaned and shined every surface of my home. The carpets have been steam cleaned and windows washed. The marketing photos were taken last week and according to mum and dad and the agent they look great. I was hoping the first open house might have happened this weekend but the contract wasn’t ready so the launch has been put off to next week.

I have done everything I can to sell my home – now it is a matter of waiting to see if someone else loves this place as much as I have.

Here is a photo of Wiley for my gorgeous family in the UK. It is of Wiley and his guide dog pal Jazzy. They had a play date yesterday – they ran, played tugged and shared a nylabone. Wiley was very happy but exhausted when we got home.

Wiley and Jazzy, finally resting

Wiley and Jazzy, finally resting

Contracts have been signed

It is all systems go, on Friday I signed a contract with the Real Estate agent, engaged my solicitor and had an EER inspection done. Assuming there are no hiccups getting contracts drawn up my place should be on the market mid March.

At the moment I am equally excited and apprehensive. I am not looking forward to keeping the house in a show ready state, especially as it means putting away Wiely’s toys, dog beds and water bowl every time I leave just in case someone want to comes through for a look. I hope it sells reasonably quickly so I can start the search for our new home.

Last week was my busiest week at work to date. I was in the office Monday to Thursday. There is lots happening at the moment which is great as the day flies by. I can safely say Wiley’s best day was Thursday. We hosted a farewell for our regional manager who left late last year. Lots of people turned up along with six or so dogs, including Wiley’s friend Morgan the service dog. I think he enjoyed having some canine pals around the office, he and all the other dogs were very well behaved.

I realised today that summer is officially over as today is the first day of autumn. I am looking forward to the crisp mornings and cooler days.

I don’t have quite so much scheduled next week, it will be nice to have a chance to run a few errands in town.

Tears, farewells and homecomings

The last week has been a busy and emotional one. On Friday my better office half – the wonderful Jo- had her last day at work. I confess to being teary as we said our farewell’s, I am really going to miss having her around the office. She was incredibly efficient and always so much fun to be with. Work will not be the same without her.

I think Wiley could tell something was up as he was a little subdued all day. I am sure he was picking up on my emotions as he certainly didn’t understand that Jo wouldn’t be there next time we went into work.

On a positive I have plans to head down to Jo’s new coastal location with some of the other girls in the office for a ladies weekend (Wiley included of course!) Walking along the beach, shopping and a weekend with friends is something I am already looking forward to.

I spent several day at my parents as Dad was having a medical procedure and was going to be in hospital overnight. I am very happy to report everything went well and he is happy and healthy and back home. The main reason I went to stay was to keep mum company and help out with dog walking and other heavy lifting tasks that Dad is on strict instruction to not do for the next week or so.

While we were there I gave Wiley a bath as it was a warm day and i could bathe him in the garden. Despite a few issues with a hose fitting he seemed to enjoy himself. He did the biggest zoomies around the garden once I had towelled dried him. He then slept on the lawn in the sun for a couple of hours.

I have been a bit of a dog walker this week as I have also been walking Haggis my friends dog each mornings she is still off her feet after surgery. The few days I was at mum and dads she had other friends come around to help out so he didn’t miss out.

Work has been busy as I’ve been trying to get on top of things before Jo left. Now she has gone I will be spending even more time in the office. It will only be for a few weeks until someone new is hired.

Thankfully I only had one talk last week, anymore would have been hard to fit in. Wiley and I went to a great After School Care group. The kids were all so lovely and very keen to see Wiley work and also pat him once his harness came off.

Despite lots happening Wiley and I have still enjoyed some gorgeous morning walks, including meeting up with a friend and his dog which is always fun as Wiley loves walking with company.

We also managed to fit in Wiley’s doggy massage, he was very relaxed while his massuse worked on his tight back leg muscles. I am going to try and keep up with regular appointments until we have moved and he no loungers has to negotiate a steep flight of stairs several times a day.

The happiest part of my week was visiting my sister and niece. They have just returned from their overseas trip. They had a wonderful time, although I think they would have liked to stay a little longer. I have only heard the tip of their holiday stores so am looking forward to hearing more about their adventures. As soon as work slows down we will arrange a sisters and nieces brunch.

I am hoping to meet the real estate agent sometime this week so I can sign contracts and find out what else I need to do. I am getting quite excited.